What is Ian's Excel Addin? Featured

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Over the years working as a Quantity Surveyor, I discovered that Microsoft Excel, while a wonderful tool, lacked certain functions.  In order to overcome these shortcomings, I developed custom procedures and functions to enhance my Excel experience and productivity.  Instead of keeping these tools to myself, I have decided to share them with anyone who is interested in trying them out.  Your feedback on the addin will be appreciated and will assist in the further development of this product.

The addin enhances the basic Excel installation in two ways: by adding functions in the form of Excel formulae and by adding features available via the drop down menu that is added to the Excel menu bar.  These enhancements will be documented in more detail and added to this website in due course.  One of the major features of the addin is the ability to import WinQS ASCII files into Excel, and format the imported data automatically, in a matter of seconds.

The addin may still have many bugs in it.  I hope that by sharing the addin with others, these bugs will be identified, thus enabling me to address them and fine tune the addin.  If you happen to find a bug, please report it in the bug report forum.

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